John Dunn - testimonials

Dear John

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you. Both Graham and myself thought we learned a lot in the short time. We both felt we enjoy working under you guidance. Thank you again. We will look forward to receiving our finished items in the post.

Darren and Graham

Mrs S J Palmer
Community Cohesion Manager
Fulston Manor School
Brenchley Road
Sittingbourne ME10 4EG

Hi John

Nicole and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the weekend. We have been totally unbearable so far at work today dragging people into our office to look at the display we are showing. Both of us agreed that this was one of the best weekends EVER and our head teacher is really keen to try and get something going at school – but we seriously need to think about that one J

Anyway, just wanted to say you were a brilliant tutor and we can’t wait for our delivery.


Sarah Palmer

Mrs Nicole Fitzjohn
Curriculum Data Manager
Fulston Manor School
Brenchley Road
Kent ME10 4EG

Hi John,

I know that Sarah has already e-mailed you from both of us, but I also wanted to send you my personal thanks.

I must admit to being very nervous before the course, as I do not have any experience of creating art. You put us at ease immediately and I just wanted to thank you so much for an amazing course and for your brilliant teaching and patience. We have enjoyed ‘showing off’ our pieces back at School today and have received nothing but positive comments.

I loved the course so much and it was very disappointing to have to come back to work today! I am so looking forward to receiving the pieces that we created yesterday – how exciting!!

Take care and kind regards,


Hi John,

Many thanks for the weekend course, I enjoyed it immensely and it unravelled part of the mystery of glassmaking and its possibilities, which are I guess never ending!
I look forward to experimenting and saving up for my own kiln.

Very Best


Hello John

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the course at the weekend. My daughter phoned us when she got in Sunday evening and told us that she had learnt a lot and she had really enjoyed it.  It made a very worthwhile Christmas present for her.

Thank you.
Best regards


Hi John,

thank you so much for slumping my glass bowl for me...I think I like the finished product!

I am very inspired no matter and just wanted to thank you for the lovely and instructive weekend. You are a great teacher; I had a very relaxing time and was lost in the flow for quite a while!

... snapshots from my phone - thought I'd share
them anyway :-)

Hope to see you soon when I can figure out how to squeeze some more glass-making into my life.


Hi John,

I just wanted to thank you for a marvellous course the other weekend.

I had a great time ‘making’ glass things again, and I really found your method of teaching helpful.

I got a real buzz opening the package when it arrived – I love the piece with the pink background (it was what I was trying to envisage.) And it is likely to be given to my mother as an 80th birthday present – assuming that i can bear to part with it!

I hope to be able to come back down to Brighton for one of your manufacturing days once my diary becomes a little less hectic.

With many thanks,


Hi John hope I don't sound too impatient, but would like to know when to expect the bowl I made on Sunday.

Hope the firing and slumping went well. As you can guess, I can't wait to see the end product.

I also wanted to thank you very much for running the course. I really enjoyed it and am full of ideas. Everyone I know is asking about the course and admiring the pieces i brought back. My son has commandeered one of them already and two friends have their eyes on others.

Also thank you for yours and Jan's kind hospitality, it made a big difference to me having lovely friendly people to talk to and keep company with.


I would definitely recommend this course to anyone, from creative beginners to experts needing advice. Its amazing the amount of skill and advice you receive from a weekend course! You learn everything from how to make dichroic glass pendants and earrings, where to buy your supplies, how to work the kiln, and how to sell your jewellery. You get the chance to experiment and find out what works well, and the outcome far exceeds your expectations! John Dunn is friendly and experienced so you feel like your in good hands, and he gives you one on one help and guidance. Its a pleasant environment right on the beach, and a brilliant ego booster when you receive compliments on something you made. An experience that is worth every penny!

P.S. Thanks for the glue advice! I know your busy so much appreciated.


Thank you for sending my pieces through they all arrived safely WOW WOW WOW!!!! Theres a few more!!! I was really pleased with a couple of the pieces but I now know where to go with what works and what doesnt and have definitely learned from my mistakes!!

I had a fantastic time on the course and cant wait to start fusing glass myself. Im looking into buying the small kiln on the Warmglass website that you suggested.

The only thing im having problems with the moment is that I would like to buy some of the black glass that we used as a base for the pendants etc and I cant seem to find it on the Warmglass website... Would you have a name of the glass? Also Is it 2mm or 3mm? I also want to buy some of the clear capping glass. As soon as i know this info I can get started!! Cant wait!!!


Hi John,

Just thought I’d let you know that I am now a proud owner of a kiln. I invested in a Skutt Hotstart and I love it.

I’m really enjoying experimenting with it; in fact I’m a little obsessed actually. I’ve been doing necklaces and earrings, but hope to move onto larger things in the next few months.

Thanks for the fantastic head start that you gave me,

Joanna Bewg (CMS Engineer)

I feel like I have been kick started! I'm full of ideas! I'm full of energy! I'm so excited!

Student from the National Glass Centre in Sunderland

Thank you so much for being so generous with your knowledge it really was an exciting weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Jane Tadrist

Students tell me that:-
"This is the best weekend dichroic glass jewellery course"
"Best teaching"
"Best results"
"Best location"
"Best value for money"

"If you disagree with any of the above 5 points then I offer you a full refund"

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