Glass Fusing and Slumping

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Glass Fusing And Slumping Course

Hi...I'm John Dunn. Thank you for your enquiry re a weekend course in Fusing & Slumping glass. Glass is a very exciting medium to work in and allows you to express your creativity through exploring the qualities of light, colour and iridescence. The alchemy of the kiln on Dichroic glass fuses your ideas together and is an added bonus.

This two day course is suitable for beginner/intermediate level students.

Beginners are welcomed on these courses. We are all artists in ourselves. It is just a question of pushing the right "buttons" to reveal our abilities. Your tutor .. myself.. is well experienced in doing just that.

pupils work from the glass fusing and slumping courseIt focusses on techniques which predominantly use coloured glass frits, for colouring glass or adding designs to glass. Glass frit is powdered or granular glass of various colours. It can be opaque or translucent. It can be used to produce fine detail, or washes of colour.

pupils work from the glass fusing and slumping courseThe beauty of this technique is that it enables the maker to use glass in a very 'painterly' way - expressing the fluid nature of glass. The coloured frits are fired into the glass and then a clear glass laminate can be fired on top to give added brilliance and depth of colour. We then have the option of using glass stringers, confetti and dichroic glass for extra detail.

The finished result may be a two dimensional wall panel or it can be 'slumped' ... that is it can be given a three dimensional form. It can become a functional object such as a dish or it may be sculptural. (Day 3 of glass fusing and slumping course Abhai Pandaya inspects his wall panel).

Day 3 of glass fusing and slumping course Abhai Pandaya inspects his wall panelThe Kiln

The studio kiln is a 15 cubic feet, state of the art, Laser glass kiln for the use of students. see picture opposite.

For anyone who has ever felt restrained by the somewhat linear assemblage methods in working with glass - this course will allow you to go with the flow!

Best post course support anywhere!

pupils work from the glass fusing and slumping courseI strongly believe in supporting students after the course to resolve technical queries.

You can e-mail or phone me and I will help you resolve your problems.

Additionally you can have use of the studio kiln until such a time as you decide to acquire your own.

Class sizes are usually limited to 5 people so that I am able to give you personal tuition and meet your needs. Classes usually 'gel' in the first ten should find yourself amongst friends.

pupils work from the glass fusing and slumping courseStudents tell me that:-
“This is the best weekend fusing & slumping course”
“Best teaching”
“Best results”
“Best location”
“Best value for money”

“If you disagree with any of the above 5 points then I offer you a full refund”

Manufacturing Day.

pupils work from the glass fusing and slumping courseFor people who are familiar with fusing and slumping glass I offer a manufacturing day, supervised, in the studio.
Price per day including kiln firing £53.00 glass charged as used. You do not need to have attended one of my courses to use this facility.

Full membership of the studio is currently available to glass artists with access to all relevant equipment. Please enquire.

Still recognised as the most intensive weekend glass fusing and slumping course in Britain - "I learned so much... We worked hard and fast and it was fun and rewarding"

Course Dates

Courses are over the weekend.
Saturday 10.30am to 5pm
Sunday 10am to 5pm

New course dates will be scheduled for the new year (2015) Please keep in touch with this website for further announcements.

Late bookings and urgent enquiries ...
text or chat to 07990 968 714

Weekend course fee £155
(booking form)
One day intensive course £85
(booking form)

The studio is located at beach level mid point between the Palace pier & West pier in Brighton (UK) (map)

John Dunn studio

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes
John Dunn