What Should I expect From This Course?

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Saturday 10.30am to 5pm

After introducing ourselves we share our background and ability levels. Some students may be complete beginners and this is OK. We discuss the needs of each student to fine tune the course and take on any particular requirements.

Subsequently we learn to identify various types of dichroic glass and discuss it's properties and the ways in which in can be used.

The first skill we acquire is to indentify the coated / non - coated side of the glass as it produces different effects. We further discuss the coefficients of expansion of various glasses to ensure compatibility.

We learn how to cut glass ... How to control the glass cutter, and how to cut one piece of glass the same size as another. We cut 'caps' to encapsulate the glass laminates we are going to build up.

Lunch on the beach at the excellent café next door happens about now.

By 2pm you will have acquired a skill base which will enable you to feel comfortable to start on your first pendant. You will be asked to try and produce 10 pendants by 5pm exploring as many parameters as possible.

You will be shown how to load the kiln and you will then load it with your own work. It will be fired overnight ready for the following morning at 10am

End of Saturday:- Some students may choose to go for a drink or dinner together.

Sunday 10am to 5pm

Sunday is definitely camera time. We are all excited. The results of the previous day are now apparent as the kiln is opened.

"Oh Wow!" ... This is the normal response. Results almost always exceed expectations.

The input of the previous day, focused on quality... quality... quality, has paid off.

Some pieces are seconds... much of it is good... and some absolutely stunning. Definitely good enough to cause a dilemma as to which piece to wear home!

Collectively we share our results and techniques with each other.

We discuss adhesives and affixing silver bails to our work.

We now discuss making earrings and 'bling' brooches.

The remainder of the day is spent with students improving on the previous day's performance... exploring new aesthetics, working out new ideas.

We learn how to cut glass freehand without cutting guides and produce exquisite organic forms using base glass and 'dichro stacks'. Some of our best work is made this way.

By 3.30pm we have loaded the kiln. About 15 to 20 pendants each, 5 pairs of earrings and some 'bling' brooches will have been made by each student, probably more than any weekend course on offer.

A one and a half hour question and answer session which covers all technical details suppliers and marketing. You will also, at this time, be shown how to make glass dishes based on the technology you have learned.

Sunday has been a great day. We are all more relaxed now that we have the technology behind us. We can all do the job... We have shared our results and shared laughter and telephone numbers with each other.

Time to go home... and no one wants to

- we will meet again


The studio is located at beach level mid point between the Palace pier & West pier. Brighton (UK) (map)

Brighton Seafront

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Best Wishes
John Dunn

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